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Swiss Bio-Research know-how, quality, happiness, innovation: these are the most important values for CELLCORE INFINI®, a line of skin treatments inherited the Swiss tradition of cosmetic research and the amiable intuition of physicians and researchers CELLCORE INFINI® After the world-wide success of research into treatment of degenerative skin problems, he went to Switzerland to applied the results of these studies to skin treatments. Sir François Degrancy developed a whole new concept of medical skin cream with the passion on seeing women’s happiness, CELLCORE INFINI® Regenerating Skin Cream was improved with the latest developed ingredient STEMCETID ® from Swiss nature plant extract, which was magically effective it could successfully be applied to Skin Care treatments for mature skin: active ingredients of proven effectiveness capable of stimulating cell regenerative process.



Sir François Degrancy’s intuition of promoting cell regeneration to slow down aging of skin is still the foundation ofCELLCORE INFINI® Steminali Infini line. Theconcept is notably applicable even todayand has been confirmed by recent discoveries in dermatology, cosmetology and aesthetic surgery; the CELLCORE INFINI® is now recognized and appreciated in the fields. CELLCORE INFINI® is pursuing a genuine scientificapproach to promise that your skin has all the properties it needs to preserve thesource of youth.

At Sir François Degrancy’s intuition, CELLCORE INFINI®’s laboratories have accomplished series of anti-age treatments inspired by the most significant new acquisitions in the field of dermatology and cosmetology and at the same time anchored to the consolidated Swiss technique of skin treatments. We present the entire CELLCORE INFINI®product range, divided by the type of action. This will help you to discover the scientific breakthrough and outstanding features of CELLCORE INFINI® products so that you can select the best to pamper yourself.



CELLCORE INFINI® LAB research is utilizing its own internal and international resources such as research institutes, laboratories and independent clinics. The innovation and research that the considerable investments are devoted to lead to the attainment of new patents regarding both new cosmetic formulations and new methods of application. CELLCORE INFINI® patent is Swiss and extended internationally.
All CELLCORE INFINI products are subjected to strict safety and effectiveness tests that ensure higher quality levels each time.



Extraordinary anti-age treatments specifically articulated for the face and body, you will be cozily brought into a new sensuality of wellness beauty. It will be a exceptional, experience. A voyage to travel with CELLCORE INFINI®Personal Beauty Consultants in a unique atmosphere of relaxation and pleasures. Regenerate the health of the skin by halting the aging process: every treatment responds to the individual requirements of a prestigious international clientele oriented towards wellness. With CELLCORE INFINI®, massage and harmonious application of every single product becomes a unique culture and philosophy, a skillful practice of technique and sensorial pleasure to achieve the best results for rejuvenation of the face and body. Precisely this makes CELLCORE INFINI® unique, privileging anti-aging benefits in years of Swiss technology. In an ideal environment designed to eliminate stress and environmental harms, you will discover the meaning of being reborn and discovering new sources of energy. CELLCORE INFINI®recognizes that every one of you is unique and has his or her own specific needs. The greatest expertise, customized service and extreme care, plus the experience of a great Swiss brand: all the ingredients you need to experience a total sensation different from any other, every time, because it is planned by someone who knows that your body is worth more because it has one more sense: the sense of beauty.

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